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Articles and Book Chapters

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  • “Calibrating Autonomy: How Bureaucratic Autonomy Influences Government Quality in Brazil” (with K. Bersch), Governance (2024).
  • “Failing States and Failed Politics: A Call for Public Administration Research,” Public Administration and Development: 1-3 (April 2024).
  • “Response to the Global Perspectives Reviews of Liberalism and Its Discontents,” Global Perspectives 4 (Nov. 2023). 
  • “In Defense of the Deep State,” Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration (Aug. 25, 2023).
  • “China’s Road to Ruin: The Real Toll of Beijing’s Belt and Road” (with Michael Bennon) Foreign Affairs (Sept-Oct 2023, forthcoming). 
  • “Defining Bureaucratic Autonomy” (with Katherine Bersch), Annual Review of Political Science 26 (2023).
  • “Russia Is Winning in Georgia: America Needs to Get Tough on Tbilisi” (with Nino Evgenidze), Foreign Affairs (April 6, 2023). 
  • “The Global Survey of Public Servants: Evidence from 1,300,000 Public Servants in 1,300 Government Institutions in 23 Countries,” Public Administration Review (2023); with C. Schuster, K. Mikkelsen, D. Rogger, Z. Hasnain, D. Mistree, J. Meyer, Sahling, K. Bersch, and K. Kay. 
  • “Response to the Polity Collection,” Polity 54 (October 2022). 
  • “The Obsolescing Bargain Crosses the Belt and Road Initiative: Renegotiations on BRI Projects,” Oxford Review of Economic Policy 38 (2022). 
  • “A Country of Their Own: Liberalism Needs the Nation,” Foreign Affairs 101 (2022). 
  • “Corruption, Elites, and Power: An Overview of International Policy Efforts to Improve the Quality of Government” (with Francesca Recanatini), in Andreas Bagenholm, Monika Bauer, Marcia Grimes, and Bo Rothstein, The Oxford Handbook of The Quality of Government (Oxford University Press, 2021).
  • “The Future of Platform Power: Solving for a Moving Target,” Journal of Democracy 32 (no. 3, July 2021)."Rotten to the Core?  How America's Political Decay Accelerated During the Trump Era," Foreign Affairs (Jan. 18, 2021).
  • "How to Save Democracy From Technology: Ending Big Tech’s Information Monopoly," (with Barak Richman, and Ashish Goel) Foreign Affairs 100(1), January/February 2021
  • "Demography Is Not Destiny," American Purpose (23 Nov 2020)
  • “The Stakes in the Coming Election,” American Purpose (Oct. 13, 2020).
  • “Liberalism and Its Discontents,” American Purpose (Oct. 5, 2020).
  • “The Pandemic and Political Order,” Foreign Affairs 99(4), June-July 2020.
  • "Responding to COVID-19 Through Surveys of Public Servants," (with Christian Schuster, Lauren Weitzman, Kim Sass Mikkelsen, Jan Meyer-Sehling, Katherine Bersch, Dinsha Mistree, Patricia Paskov, Daniel Rogger, and Kerenssa Kay) Public Administration Review :  (2020).
  • "Comparative Media Regulation in the United States and Europe" (with Andy Grotto), in Joshua A. Tucker, and Nathaniel Persily, eds., Social Media and Democracy: The State of the Field and Prospects for Reform (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2020).
  • “What Kind of Regime Does China Have?” The American Interest 15 (May 2020).
  • “The Wages of American Political Decay," The American Interest 15 (May 2020).
  • “What Would a Second Trump Term Do to the Federal Bureaucracy?” Washington Monthly (Ap-My-Jn 2020).
  • "30 Years of World Politics: What Has Changed?" Journal of Democracy 31 (Jan. 2020): 11-21.
  • Why National Identity Matters,” Journal of Democracy 29 (Oct. 2018): 5-15.
  • Against Identity Politics," Foreign Affairs 97 (no. 5, Sept-Oct. 2018): 90-115.
  • “Civil Society and Political Society,” in Debra Erikson, and Michael Le Chevallier, Jean Bethke Elshtain: Politics, Ethics, and Society (Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2018).
  • The Last English Civil War,” Daedalus 147 (no. 1, Winter 2018): 15:24.
  • "The Populist Surge," The American Interest 13 (Mar-Ap, 2018): 16-18
  • Review of Masha Gessen, The Future is History, New York Times Book Review, Oct. 3, 2017
  • America: The Failed State,” Prospect Magazine (Dec. 13, 2016).
  • What is Corruption?” in Against Corruption, with a forward by David Camerson (London: Crown, 2016). 
  • American Political Decay or Renewal? The Meaning of the 2016 Election,” Foreign Affairs 95(4) 58-68.
  • Too Much Law and Too Little Infrastructure,” The American Interest 12(3), Nov-Dec 2016. 
  • Macro Theory and the Study of Political Development,” Scandinavian Political Studies May 2016. 
  • Governance:  What Do We Know, and How Do We Know It?”  Annual Review of Political Science 19: 89-105 2016.
  • "Reflections on Chinese Governance," Journal of Chinese Governance Vol. 1, Iss. 3, 2016.
  • "A More Systematic Approach to Biological Risk," with Megan Palmer and David Relman, Science350 Issue 6267, 18 December 2015.
  • "Why is Democracy Performing so Poorly?"Journal of Democracy 26(1), Jan. 2015
  • "States and Democracy," Democratization 21(7), 2014: 1326-40.
  • "Agency or Inevitability: Will Human Beings Control Their Technological Future?" in Mads Rosenthal, ed., The Posthuman Condition (Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, 2012).
  • Review of Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson, Why Nations Fail.
  • "What is Governance?" Center for Global Development Working Paper No. 314, Jan. 2013. Published also in Governance 26(3), 2013: 347-368,
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  • Response to the symposium on "The Sources of American Conduct," The American Interest (vol. 1, no. 1, Fall 2005).
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Papers on Melanesia

These papers were written following visits to Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, Indonesian Papua, and the Solomon Islands in 2006-2008, supported by the World Bank. The views expressed here are my own and do not reflect those of the World Bank.

  • Observations on State-Building in the Western Pacific (March 2007)
  • Governance Reform in Papua New Guinea (September 2007)
  • State-Building in the Solomon Islands (July 2008)